How to find your tickets

Where are my tickets?

You can find your tickets by:

  1. Checking your email inbox - search your inbox for an email from ""
    1. We will send at least one reminder email which contains your ticket details and QR codes for a seamless check-in process
  2. Visiting the My Tickets page - when you register for an event, you can access your tickets via your Ticket Falcon account by logging in with the email address associated with your order
    1. On the “My Tickets” page, you can access your ticket(s), edit attendee data (if enabled by the event organizer), contact the event organizer, view your order, and visit the event page.
  3. Downloading the Ticket Falcon App - once logged into the app, click on the "My Tickets" icon to view all tickets under your account

Why are my tickets missing?

  1. Review this support article for more details

What to do if your tickets are missing?

  1. View this support article if your credit card charge failed and you see a temporary/pending charge on your credit card
  2. Resend the order confirmation from the event page by clicking on the "Resend Ticket(s)/Order Confirmation Email" link - click here to learn more
  3. Contact the event organizer (from the event or organizer profile pages) to request your order confirmation email to be resent.
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