How to Check-In Attendees Via the Web from Any Browser

With Ticket Falcon's check-in via the web tool, you can easily check-in attendees from any device, on any browser or check-in attendees manually.

To access this functionality, visit the Manage Events page and click on the "Check-In" link for your respective event.

Follow the steps below to check-in attendees via the web from any browser:

  1. Click on the QR image to scan in attendees via their ticket QR code from your browser
  2. Click on the “Check-in” button to manually check-in attendees with their name, order number or ticket type

The following messages provide additional information about the status of each scanned ticket:

  • "Check-In Successful" appears in green when the ticket is valid. The attendee can be granted access.
  • "This Ticket Has Already Been Scanned" appears in red as an invalid ticket if the QR code was previously scanned at the event. Attendees should not be granted entry until a valid ticket is provided. This message prevents attendees from using duplicate tickets.
  • "Ticket Does Not Exist with Event" appears in red as an invalid ticket if the QR code is not associated with the event. Attendees should not be granted entry until a valid ticket is provided.

To allow in and out access, you must "Un-Check-In" each attendee from the check-in screen.

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