How can I issue a refund?

You can issue issue refunds via your Ticket Falcon Event Dashboard. Depending on your attendee's bank, the attendee will see the refund show up between 5–10 business days later.

Ticket Falcon sends a refund email for paid ticket types to each attendee refunded. Ticket Falcon does not automatically send a refund email for free ticket types. If you would like to send a refund email to attendees, visit your event dashboard, scroll down to the "Attendee Summary" section, select attendees you would like to send a message to via the checkboxes in the attendee summary data table and click on "Message Attendees" to compose your message.

Note: Ticket Falcon service fees are non refundable. If you conduct a refund, you will incur a transaction fee from Stripe to process the Ticket Falcon service fee(s). If the Ticket Falcon service fee is $1.00, the Stripe transaction fee will be $.33. You will see this charge directly in your Stripe account.

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