Check-in attendees

Checking-in attendees is easy with Ticket Falcon. Check-in becomes available within 24 hours of your event start time. You can access check-in by clicking on the blue "CHECK-IN ATTENDEES" button from your event dashboard. Each event has a dashboard which can be found under the manage events page. Click on the "manage" link on the right hand side for the event's dashboard.

Once you are on the Check-in attendees page, search by attendee name, ticket number, order number or email to find the attendee you would like to check in. You you find the attendee, click the blue CHECK-IN button. Repeat these steps to check in additional attendees.

Once an attendee is checked-in, the date and time stamp is recorded. You can uncheck-in an attendee as needed.

You can also check-in attendees directly from your smartphone/tablet. When an attendee shows their bar code, you can scan it with your camera app, browser or QR code reader. Once the ticket is scanned, you can check the attendee in. You can repeat this process until all attendees are checked-in.

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