How to set up pay by check

To set up pay by check, visit your payment settings page and scroll down to the "Payment Methods" section. Click the checkbox under "Pay by Check" to enable check payments.

Once you enable check payments, you can input instructions to show attendees. It is important to include your address and any information attendees should know before mailing a check to you. You can also control which events pay by check is available to by selecting all or specific events (events must be published to select specific events).

To save you changes, click the "Update Payment Settings>" button at the bottom of the page.

Orders paid by check automatically update to "On Hold." On hold orders do not impact your total sales, total fees or total payout. To approve the pay by check order, visit your event dashboard and go to the recent orders section. Click on the "actions" button for the order you want to update and click on "Mark Payment Received." As soon as you click on Mark Payment Received, the order will be updated from On Hold to Completed. Once your order is complete, an email confirmation will be sent to you and your attendee(s) with PDF tickets and a calendar invite. Total sales, total fees and total payout will update as well.


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