Ticket Falcon teams

Ticket Falcon teams, also known as multi-user access, lets multiple users access and manage events without sharing usernames and passwords. Teams are useful for Event Organizers who want to provide access to team members. Team members can have one of four roles: Event Organizer/Owner, Event Manager, Check-In Only and View Only.

  • Event Organizers/Owners are the creators of the event. This is the highest level of access. Only one Event Organizer is allowed per event. Event Organizers are allowed to create events and share access with other team members via the roles as indicated below. Team members can only access events that were shared with them by the Event Organizer. Only Event Organizers can create ticket types and events.
  • Event Managers can access the entire event and process refunds on behalf of the Event Organizer. This role can update the event page and create/modify ticket types. Event Managers cannot create events on behalf of the Event Organizer or cancel their events.
  • Check- In Only provides access to the check-in only functionality. This role cannot access any other event data.
  • View Only allows team members to view attendees and order information. This role cannot edit event data, check-in attendees or cancel events.

Only Event Organizers will receive emails from Ticket Falcon regarding order confirmations and attendee questions via the contact event or organizer profile pages. Event Organizers can invite members to join their team. Each team member must accept the invite (sent via email) to be added to the team.

Event Organizers can assign team members access to all events or specific events.

To create your team, visit this link. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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