Why embedding TicketFalcon.com via an iFrame is disallowed

Embedding TicketFalcon.com on another website using an iframe has been disallowed with a few exceptions (i.e., embedding ticket type(s) code). This decision was made to ensure our platform's security, integrity, and optimal user experience. Below are the reasons behind this restriction:

Security Concerns

Embedding TicketFalcon.com via an iframe on external sites can pose potential security risks. It opens up the possibility of malicious activities, such as clickjacking, where users are tricked into clicking on something different from what they perceive.

By disallowing iframe embedding, we aim to safeguard our users from security threats and maintain a secure browsing environment.

Content Integrity

TicketFalcon.com is designed to deliver content in a specific context, and embedding it within an iframe on another website might disrupt this intended experience. It can lead to content misinterpretation, loss of functionality, or other issues that compromise the integrity of our platform.

By restricting iframe embedding, we ensure that users access our content in the intended context, preserving its functionality and maintaining a consistent user experience.

Performance Optimization

Allowing our TicketFalcon.com to be embedded via iframes on various external sites can impact its performance. Increased server loads, potential bandwidth issues, and other technical challenges may arise, leading to a suboptimal experience for our users.

Disabling iframe embedding helps us maintain optimal platform performance, ensuring users enjoy a fast and responsive browsing experience.

Alternative Ways To Share

While embedding via iframes is not permitted, we encourage users to share links to our website or use other approved content-sharing methods. This ensures that users access our content securely and seamlessly.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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