How to designate accessible seats for wheelchairs and companions

You can define accessible seats from the seating chart designer in two ways:

  • Selecting the seats and marking them as accessible
  • Creating an accessible category and applying it to seats

Define Accessible and Companion seats

You can specify seats as accessible or for companions. This can be done from the seating chart designer by choosing the Seat selection tool:

Then, proceed to select one or multiple seats, and finally, on the right hand of your screen, where the object properties are listed, turn on Accessible or Companion Seat as needed:

Define and Apply Accessible Categories

From the seating chart designer, create a new category, or edit an existing one by right-clicking it and selecting edit. Then turn on the Accessible setting by clicking on the wheelchair icon.

Then, select rows using the Select Sool or individual seats using the Select Seats Tool, and apply the category using the category picker from the inspector.

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