How to edit attendee information

As an Event Organizer or Event Manager, follow the steps below to edit any attendee information associated with your event:

  1. Visit the Event Dashboard which can be accessed via the Manage Events page
  2. Scroll down to the Attendee Summary section and search for the attendee you'd like to update by order number, ticket number, first name, last name or email
  3. Once you find the attendee you would like to edit, click on the "Actions" link
  4. After clicking on the Actions link, click on the "Edit Info" link
  5. Once the Edit Info link is clicked, a modal will appear enabling you to edit the attendee information
  6. Click on the "Update Information" button to save your edits
  7. The Event Dashboard page will reload confirming your edits
  8. Repeat the above process to edit the informaiton of multiple attendees

Tip: Search by order number to edit the attendee information associated with a specific order

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