Create and edit ticket types

After creating your event, you will be prompted to create tickets. To publish your event, at least one ticket type must be created. The same form is used to edit existing ticket types. There are four ticket types to choose from:

  • Free: Completely free for attendees to RSVP.
  • Paid: You choose the amount to charge for each ticket or allow attendees to set their own price.
  • Donation: Allows attendees to choose how much they would like to donate.
  • Raffle: Attendees can purchase raffle tickets in advance of your event. Raffle tickets can then be dispersed during check-in.

Create/Edit Ticket Types

When creating a new event, you will be prompted to create tickets to your event. You can also edit tickets in  this section. The following fields are required to create/edit ticket(s):

Ticket Name Name of your ticket type (e.g. free, vip, early bird, general admission, raffle, etc.)
Ticket Type Free, paid, donation or raffle ticket types
Quantity Number of tickets for sales/registration
Ticket Price Strategy Fixed or variable pricing
Ticket/Minimum Price Price or minimum price of each ticket
Ticket Fees Ticket Falcon service fees
Sale Start and End Date and Time Duration of time to sell tickets for this ticket type
Timezone Timezone of ticket sales 
Ask Survey Questions Ask attendees questions during the ticket buying process via the following question types:
  • Text - used to collect short, free form answers
  • Multiple choice - used to select one answer to your question
  • Checkbox - used to collect multiple answers to your question
  • Additional Terms - used to collect agreement to terms and conditions for your event
Require Name / Email? Require attendees to complete first name, last name and email during ticket buying process
Offer Coupons? Offer coupons to attendees

Save the ticket type once the required fields are completed. Click the Add New Ticket button to create additional tickets. Click Save and Publish to make your event live. To edit existing ticket types, visit Manage Events and click on Edit Tickets to make changes to existing ticket types. You can create new ticket types by clicking the Add New Ticket button.

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