Cloudflare 1015 error "You Are Being Rate Limited"

Ticket Falcon uses Cloudflare to protect our users from sign-in attempts by malicious bots and unauthorized users. 

Error 1015 "Your Are Being Rate Limited"

A rate limit is a temporary ban on your IP address that automatically goes away after 15 minutes. Ticket Falcon support is unable to speed up this wait time.

Possible causes for this error message:

  1. You attempted to sign in to your Ticket Falcon account too many times incorrectly within a few minutes
  2. You refreshed too many times
  3. Your device has too many tabs open at once

Try the following solutions to resolve your issue:

  1. Wait 15 minutes
  2. Close all browser tabs/windows for
  3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache by selecting "all time"
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