How to add a statement descriptor in Stripe?

After an attendee places an order with their credit card, Stripe sends certain details about your business and the purchase to your attendee's bank. Depending on the format that your bank uses, the following identifiers will appear on your attendee's bank statement: business name, site URL, business location or your phone number.

You can customize the text that appears on your attendee's credit card statement by editing the statement descriptor in your Stripe account settings. 

Sign in to Stripe

  • Click on account information

Editing the Statement Descriptor

  • In the public information section, change the text in the statement descriptor field. We suggest using the name of your business or organization. The statement descriptor field has a limit of 22 characters.
  • Click save to save your changes.

Visit Stripe's documentation to learn more about the information Stripe sends to your attendee's bank. 

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